Are you a new practitioner looking to positively impact lives, earn a desirable income and live life on your terms?

The First 18 is an 8-week, online program designed to provide regulated/licensed clinicians who are fresh out of school with the tools they need to create a sustainable & impactful business.
Are You:
A naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, nutritionist, TCM practitioner/acupuncturist, counsellor, osteopath, physiotherapist or health coach in the first year of running your own brand and practice?

Currently or planning to see clients in person in a one-on-one setting?

Are you super excited to start working with patients/clients, but feel overwhelmed at how to align your passion for healing with the NEED to run an effective business?

Disappointed that most business coaching programs that are designed for online businesses, while you JUST WANT TO WORK WITH PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE?

A tad disillusioned that colleagues/supervisors/people you respect have been telling you that running a practice is a struggle?

Or maybe, apprehensive (it’s ok, I was) that you dropped up to 100K and 4 years of your life pursuing your dream and now EVERYONE (spouse, parents, kids, that nice lady up the street) want to know when that MASSIVE investment will be profitable?

Serious about running your business/practice the ‘right way’ and not wasting time and money ‘trying things out’ just to save some cash?

 I hear you. I was you. 

My name is Dr. Meghan Walker. I am your host and creator of The First 18
If you are serious about creating a successful practice...
Then your life, your overwhelm and your potential will be transformed over the course of this program. 
The First 18 Program (Incubator) is designed as a launch pad for your life, your dreams and your business...
Even if you... 

are still not sure who you want to treat, 

are working in someone else’s clinic, 

have yet to build (or even start) a social media presence, 

and definitely if you have an allergy to technology.

It is especially aligned if you are trying/thinking of how to fit kids into the mix (I have 3 under 8), are unsettled about where you will practice long term or can’t gain clarity on the alignment of endless ideas and effective execution.  

 This program is for you.

Right here. Right now. 
Dear future best-selling author, famous clinician, balanced practitioner/parent,
Remember the penetrating excitement you felt the moment you learned of your admission to ND, DC, nutrition, osteopathy ________ school and you KNEW that what you were about to learn would be life changing?

Remember when you promised yourself that no matter how hard it was going to get, that you had made the right choice?

Remember that first time you gave someone advice (probably before you were “supposed to”) and it changed their life, deeply? 

THAT feeling and those possibilities start today. 

The knowledge and know-how to change people’s lives is yours, you’ve earned it. 

This world and the people in it NEED you. BUT your knowledge can’t change lives without the framework of a sustainable business and your family can’t thrive without the security of reliable cash flow.
You have the ability to earn an incredible living while changing people’s lives. That is a privilege. Let’s not waste it.
Right now you are probably overwhelmed, scared to let people down, and nervous that that your next step won’t be the right one. I get it, I’ve been there, and I’ve learned some things along the way. 

I sold my clinic to learn how to scale practitioner success while maintaining my income with just 1.5 days of patient visits per week. I figured it out for me and I want to give it all to you. 

I remember my first day of naturopathic medical school. I knew that what we were learning had the potential to change the world. I believe that when people are well, they can fulfill their life mission. When WE all thrive as clinician entrepreneurs, that world changing, life-mission becomes amplified,



You in? 
78% of new wellness entrepreneurs are closing their business or looking for alternative employment by 18 months in practice. 

You know the leaders in your industry - the ones who have put in the time, energy and investment towards truly taking their potential for impact and sustainability to the next level. 

You have everything it takes to be THAT industry leader.  

Right now, at this juncture, the magic will unfold in 1 of 2 ways.
You follow the majority and plan to ‘figure it out.’ You throw up a Facebook Page, build a logo in Canva and add your name to someone else’s established clinic. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s low risk. To be clear, there is no shame in that decision because you have a lot on your plate and a lot at stake. You see patients and you make a difference, but you are still in debt, don’t see your family and friends the way you envisioned and find yourself asking, how do other people do it? Should I be finding a way to earn more on the side?
You confront your fears and you invest in a plan to make your mission, your reality. You dominate your industry, not by going through the motions, but by deploying strategic tactics meant to attract, nurture and support your ideal client. You leverage technology and systems from the beginning so you have time and energy to see your family. You then start asking, what’s next, where do we go from here?
Hold up there Meghan, 
what makes you qualified to say that…
[Personal 'MBA'] I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, so much so that my allowance was aligned to my 'Mastering of Business Acumen' (MBA). If I read and could explain the principles of my Dad’s latest business or money management selection, my allowance increased accordingly. I have been working on my 'MBA' since the age of 12.

[Serial Entrepreneur] I started my first business at 17. It was called Your Chores. I niched in on cottage cleaning services for island properties. I built it to 10 summer employees and sold it when I finished university. It paid for my schooling and nurtured my taste for scaling service-based businesses. 

[Social Change] Believing in the power of empowerment for young people. I founded an environmental youth organization called Millennium kids while still in university. We ran youth development programs in Canada and South Africa for 6 years. 

[Clinic Owner] I Co-Founded the Integrative Health Institute along with Erin Wiley when I graduated in 2007. We had a vision and built a community clinic that reflected our desire to provide true integrative care. We helped people, we helped our practitioners and we were recognized for our work in modelling an effective integrative care environment.

[Leadership] I have served on the executive of both the OAND and CAND (Ontario/Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors). It was here that I began to really understand the devastating struggle of so many of my colleagues. I served for over 5 years, committed to the larger opportunity to move our system of medicine towards more people. 

[Tech Founder] I Co-Founded Bright Almond in 2013 and learned to leverage the online space to effectively scale the communication and delivery of regulated complementary practitioners to targeted consumers. 

[Coach] I have been coaching practitioners privately for last 3 years. I focus on regulated practitioners from across North America, looking to scale their in-person practice and launch programming online.  My clients are NDs, DC, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine practitioners and personal trainers. 

[Clinician] I have been treating patients since I graduated. My focus today is on addressing the unique needs of entrepreneurs and go-getters. I have gone from owning a clinic, to running my own micro practice. It is a lean, clean, machine. 

[Family First] My ideal life means that I get to run my business and spend time with my family. I have an amazing husband and THREE daughters who are 6, 4 and 2. They fuel my mission and are the motivation behind the efficiency with which I run my business.
Incubator: [in-kyuh-bey-ter]
An incubator is a business acceleration program that assists entrepreneurs in building and launching successful companies. The First 18 is our foundational program and incubator for clinician entrepreneurs as they build their health practice or business within the first 18 months of graduation. 

This program values authenticity, service, contribution and a badass desire to change lives while simultaneously building a life. The First 18 Incubator is a complete, step-by-step blueprint to ideate, systematize, brand and launch your practice vision into the world.
The Promise:
The First 18 promises to lay the foundation for your success in practice. You will complete the incubator knowing who you are working with, how to nurture them effectively and the details of building a business that is of service to them and sustainable to you. We will create the outline AND we will take you through the steps required for implementation. This will form the foundation upon which new ideas, opportunities and life-stages can emerge. Organized, strategic and sustainable.
The Process:
The program has been deliberately designed to fast track the implementation of your brand systems and marketing. Each module contains a checklist of required skills and weekly exercises that support your forward momentum. Material is covered through a series of 8 video modules, available with lifetime access to move through at your own pace. Our participant-only Facebook Group will serve as a mastermind and support group for clarifying ideas and cheerleading your journey. 
The Payoff:
The First 18 has been designed to provide you with an ROI within 2 months of practice. It will leave you with a sustainable business and brand that showcases your unique offering, leverages your time and supports your ultimate goal of helping MANY people while building your life. The First 18 Incubator takes you through a process that aligns your mission and vision towards a business founded on your unique abilities and capacity for inconceivable impact.
Let’s Break it all Down
Module 1: Who Are You Serving? Identifying your ideal client
Learning Objectives:
  • Intimately understand the practitioner’s ideal client, from whom they will build their brand and establish marketing influence.
  •  Strategic niching, without saying no to new patients. 
  •  Learn how to confidently articulate who you work with and how you change their life.
  •  Understand the difference between solving people’s problems and treating their conditions.
  •  Learn the art of overcoming objections to help provide people with the help they really need.
Module 2: Building your Brand as an 'Expert' in your field
Learning Objectives:
  • Establish the elements that define your personal brand.
  •  Understand how to position yourself within or under the brand of another clinic.
  •  Establish the look, feel and consistency that make big brands feel effortless.
  •  Avoid the most common brand mistakes that clinician entrepreneurs make in their practice.
  •  Create your brand guidelines, values and visual assets.
Module 3: Building Chains of 
Value in your Business
Learning Objectives:
  • Establish the chain of value that your ideal client will follow from the moment they hear your name to when they book an appointment.
  •  Understand how to position your core service on your own or within a larger clinic.
  •  Learn how to make the 1:1 appointment less scary for patients to book.
  •  Learn how to earn income and trust even before someone comes to see you for a 1:1 appointment.
  •  Design and create a free offering (aka lead magnet) that will build loyalty, provide value and keep the conversation going.
  •  Define a practice model that serves your vision of contribution.
Module 4: The Foundation of Marketing
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to sell without feeling icky or like you want to vomit.
  •  Understand why people buy things they don’t need. 
  •  Contextualize online tactics as tools to drive patient flow. 
  •  Design copy that compels people to take action. 
  •  Understand the IDEA METHOD™ for content creation. 
  •  Design an on boarding process that enables automation & reproducibility.
  •  Structure Patient Visits and UX (User Experience).  

Module 5: The Idea Framework for building a flow of patients
Learning Objectives:
  • Distinguish between strategy and tactics.
  •  Establish a methodology for your approach. 
  •  Establish the foundational marketing strategy that you can execute on auto-pilot. 
  •  Establish your foundational marketing tactics and associated assets.
  •  Develop two types of funnels (Lead funnel, New Patient Funnel.) 
  •  Have your ready to launch your brand, business, capacity for impact. 

BONUS MODULE: How to build active care plans and a signature approach to your practice.  
Learning Objectives:
  • Distinguish between strategy and tactics.
  •  Establish a methodology for your approach. 
  •  Establish the foundational marketing strategy that you can execute on auto-pilot. 
  •  Establish your foundational marketing tactics and associated assets.
  •  Develop two types of funnels (Lead funnel, New Patient Funnel.) 
  •  Have your ready to launch your brand, business, capacity for impact. 

Module 6: Know your Numbers 
& Set your Worth
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify how much money you need to survive and then thrive.
  •  Discover what you need and can be charging per appointment.
  •  Learn how to build passive income to positively leverage your knowledge, authority and time.
  •  Take my dynamic planning spreadsheet to plan your business for the next 24-months. (It took me over a year to build this tool for you).
  •  Use the plan to know exactly how many people you need to see, the potential revenue from passive income streams and your true financial potential.
  •  Learn how to price yourself and your offers so it is aligned to what you are worth.
Module 7: Building Clinic Systems
Learning Objectives:
  • Integrate systems to optimize the efficiency of your day.
  •  Optimize patient experiences - the user experience. 
  •  Evaluate the potential cost savings of leveraging technology in your practice. 
  •  Explore potential practice integration to leverage your time more effectively. 

Module 8: Pulling it all Together - a Foundation for Growth & Impact
Learning Objectives:
  • To change the lives of our clients while building a business founded on integrity. 

  •  How to schedule your time to maximize focus, clarity and impact. 
  •  When and how often to schedule time to review financials and supportive systems.
  •  How to invest and understand opportunities for future growth. 
  •  To have fun while doing it. 

“Before taking the course, I felt overwhelmed when I tried to figure out all of the aspects of running a small business. 

The First 18 brought together all of these components (marketing in person and in the online world, accounting, bookkeeping and running a practice,) into one course and made starting my business feel more exciting and definitely more manageable. 

The most invaluable part of the course was being included in a positive community of like-minded practitioners who were all there to support each other in creating successful practices. I would highly recommend 

The First 18 to anybody looking to either start or grow their healthcare practice!”
- Dr. Emily Casey
How it Works/What You Get
You will get full immediate access to The First 18 content upon registration to work through at your own pace!

You will have lifetime access to the program and all content.

Support Material, Checklists and Assignments will all be available in the Members-Only section of the website. Discussion, help and cheerleading with take place in our PRIVATE Facebook group. 

Each module will provide you with an actionable foundation that will take you from identifying your ideal client, to building your brand, to automating your marketing to solidifying your clinic systems... all while having fun!
Invest in YOUR Future 
Join The First 18
The complete 8-week program includes checklists, Weekly Assignments, Step-by-Step resource material, a Private Facebook group and lifetime access to our First 18 members Site.  

Each new patient is worth approximately $500 per year to your practice. 

Imagine learning all of this for the cost of less than 2 NEW patients. 
Let’s Get You All Signed-Up
One Payment Of
$547 cdn
Early Bird Pricing $386
“I would not be standing where I am today without the foundational knowledge that is The First 18. 

Meghan and her team have developed a program that isn't just trendy, it's sustainable. 

This investment paid off in my first 3 months of practice, and has exceeded expectations every day since.”
- Dr Ashley Margeson ND
Need more info… 
no problem, here’s our FAQ 
I don’t have a website or a blog and I do not have the budget for it right now. Is this program still a good fit for me? 
It sure is. You have to start somewhere. Remember, success in this industry is not about resources, it is about resourcefulness. We will get your brand up and running in the most efficient way possible.
I am a regulated practitioner and have unique needs and rules in terms of marketing and business planning, am I actually going to be able to do anything you talk about?
Ah, my raison d'être (that’s French). I get the limitations of regulation because I too am a regulated practitioner. As the CEO of Bright Almond, I have had the unique opportunity to satisfy the marketing needs of regulated practitioners from across North America for the last 4 years. I will be specifically addressing this concept in this program.
I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to implement this program?  
I get it. I feel like no one prepared me for just how busy this phase of life would become. This program is not another item on your To Do list, it IS your to do list. You worked long, hard hours to get to where you are now. Given that you are early in your career or passionate about working with clients 1:1, you also know that TIME, not money is your most valuable commodity. The First 18 is designed to help you maximize your earning potential for every hour you invest. We all have the same number of hours in the day. If being a clinician entrepreneur is REALLY what you want to be doing, you need to learn how to leverage every second of your day for maximum return.
 I understand that if I put in the work and implement the systems I WILL see epic results – but seriously, how many hours should I be setting aside each week? 
The lecture will each take at least 60 minutes to watch. Your assignments will take at least 1-2 hours to do right. At the very least, to get the most out the program, you will be committing 3-4 hours per week. Conversely, floundering, stressing, procrastinating and ‘trying to figure it out on your own’ will definitely cost you more. Just saying.
Why Online? 
Because we can. Because it is less expensive to deliver the program AND, because it gives all of us time and location independence. A virtual program can be extremely powerful and insightful. This format requires the same focus and commitment as face-to-face options - but without the travel. Access to all the content is available anytime to enhance learning and insights, so you can re-listen to discussions, gain new insights and take time to process the information shared.
Will I be on a deadline to start the course? 
I get it, you're busy. But with lifetime access, you can register now, travel for 8 months and then review all of the lectures when you return. For many of you, this is the first quarter of your new venture. Time is of the essence. Let’s get you launched and building towards your milestones.
 Is this more for beginners or for those who already have an established practice? 
The First 18 is our foundational program specifically for newer practitioners and addressing the unique state of overwhelm that accompanies the start of a new business. If you are a more seasoned practitioner looking to take things to the next level, we have other programs for you coming soon. 
  I am more interested in building online programs, will you cover that?  
While we will cover online automation, this course is not designed to help you build your online empire. That will come after The First 18.
  How is this different?  
I believe that when people are well, they can change the world AND, I believe that preventative/empowering healthcare is the tool to complete this belief most efficiently. It is my mission, to help support practitioners to become successful, so that our medicine becomes sustainable. There are lots of online marketers trying to help NDs, DCs and other wellness providers. They may have strong marketing backgrounds, but few, if any, have walked and are continuing to travel the practitioner journey. I am walking this right along side you. I am not sharing these things because I have heard that they work, I am sharing them because I am using it myself, right now.  

Still got questions, email us:  
“The First 18 program was an essential part of the successful start to my solo practice in a new city after maternity leave. 

Despite having worked for other clinics over the years, opening my own practice in a new city meant starting a business from scratch. 

Dr Meghan Walker and her program solidified my business plan and stepped up my marketing strategies, brand awareness and financial planning that lead to opening my solo practice with a 3 week waitlist which quickly built to an 8 week list. 

I can't rave enough about the details and knowledge Dr. Meghan Walker shared and her passion for all of us to succeed. The First 18 course is a MUST for all health professionals looking to start their own practice or for those who are wanting to stand out in their niche.”  
- Anita Lambert, Physiotherapist
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